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creating competitive advantages for Salzburg’s forestry and timber industry
“Achieving more together”!

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+ Company profile & goals

The forestry and timber industry has been a strength of Salzburg since historical times. In the year of 2000, “Holzcluster” was founded on the initiative of Salzburg’s state government. Clusters are networks of a value chain which represents a specific strength in a region. We initiate the cooperation of woodworking and wood processing companies to develop a thriving environment for economic development.

Forcing Forestry and Timber Industry

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Promoting innovations, creating impulses, recognizing trends and developing future strategies.

Cooperation and networks

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Connecting companies, building bridges, developing trust and above all promoting cooperation.

Holzcluster Team

Project development & knowledge transfer

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Initiating R&D projects, practise-oriented know-how transfer and continues exchange of experiences.

The „Holzcluster“ gives impulses and is an initiator of key projects along the entire value chain. Its main task is the development of regional and cross-border cooperations within all relevant timber and forestry areas.

Innovation and technology transfer

Specialist events

Qualification & training initiatives

Information about promotion and PR

Market observation & trend analysis

+ Contact and services

We would be pleased to support you.

The “Holzcluster” services are available for all Salzburgian companies operating within the value chain forest – wood. If you have any questions in request, we would be pleased to support you. Just send us a message and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

  • DI (FH) Matthias Jessner
    T:  +43 6244 303 28 23
    M: +43 664 412 3089
  • DI Katharina Springl
    T:  +43 6244 303 28 22

    M: +43 664 456 2440
  • Brigitte Haber

    T:  +43 6244 30328

+ Value chain wood

The value chain wood starts within Salzburg’s forest, which is characterized by a very high degree of naturalness. The forestry and sawmill industry are the first links in the value chain of wood processing.

The wood processing companies fillet the tree trunks into as many gusto pieces as possible and also use the leftovers in the utilization process. Both sawmill and wood industry generate semi-finished and finished products which are used within the whole construction industry and furnishing area. It is a unique fact, that only the forestry and wood industry represent a complete value chain (raw material, processing, and service).

+ Wood economy

Salzburg is a modern woodland!

The forestry and timber industry think across generations. The rhythm is dictated by our trees, which take way above hundred years to mature. Salzburg is not a historic industrial country, but the few wood industries from Salzburg are globally very successful.

Forest cover

12.000 Working spaces

1,5 billion


Apart from a small number of large industrial operations (with emphasis on wooden boards and ski products) our wood-processing businesses consist of around 1.200 small and medium-sized family enterprises. This structure is flexible, robust in handling crises, and healthy: the companies are well integrated into a strong regional business network. Furthermore the economy of forestry and timber industry profits annually around 1,5 billion and forcing due to a large export quote the trade balance.

Cooperation promotes operational innovation, extends entrepreneurial know-how and strengthens competitiveness.